Nepean Medical Research Fund

To view now what the Nepean Medical Research Fund has been able to foster and achieve over the past 13 years is an inspiration to continue to strive for funding and financial support for Research at the Nepean Clinical School, Sydney University and its affiliated bodies. One only has to look at the new buildings rising into the Penrith sky at the Nepean Campus to appreciate what progress has happened, even just recently. The Sydney University Teaching and Research Building in Derby Street, The Psychiatric Building, and the new Dental Facility are just some of the expansions going on in Penrith. Bricks and mortar are nothing without the experienced and dedicated researchers and staff within these buildings.

The Nepean Medical Research Fund funds every discipline of medicine and its research and is proud to have contributed over $1.7million for clinical research grants and research equipment since the Fund’s establishment in 2000. It is proudly local and we are delighted to have Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir Governor of NSW and the incumbent Mayor of Penrith Hon Mark Davies as its Patrons. We thank her Excellency for her continual and staunch support of this greater west organisation.

You may also be interested in becoming a Nepean Philanthropist which consists of people in business who have been successful in their own way. That is those who businesses have served the community and have thus reaped the financial rewards and who wish to generously give a small yearly contribution to benefit the community. All monies raised go directly to research at Nepean and the Nepean Medical Research Fund, by being a Sydney University Fund it is protected by its Senate and Constitution.

The Council consists of local business community members who give freely of their time, experience and expertise to ensure this Fund is, for such a huge area of NSW, something special.